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Community Service is a sonic storyteller from Kansas City, whose mission is to create music that unites people. Their unique sound blends elements of pop and ethereal music, resulting in an enchanting and distinctive musical experience. The band released their debut single, "Mr. Tree (ft. Úyanga Bold)," on 5.5.23 which garnered high praise from grammy award-winning producer Shamar Daugherty. The two came together to create Community Service's new single Mustang Jungle, released on 7.7.23. 


The band's songwriting is a reflection of their commitment to environmentalism, their desire to reconnect people to the natural world and each other. Their lyrics touch on themes of unity and equality, demonstrating their deep-seated values and principles. Community Service has featured Úyanga Bold, one of the biggest names in ethereal soundtrack music, showcasing their exceptional musicianship and versatility.

Community Service is passionate about making a positive impact on the world around them, using their music as a medium for love and change. With their exceptional talent and community involvement, Community Service is a band that is certain to continue making a splash in the music industry for years to come. Their dedication to their craft and their community makes them a positive and loving influence and a group to connect with.

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