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©2023 Community Service

About the Band

Community Service is a sonic storyteller from Kansas City, whose mission is to create music that unites people. Their unique sound blends elements of pop and ethereal music, resulting in an enchanting and distinctive musical experience. The band released their debut single, "Mr. Tree (ft. Úyanga Bold)," on 5.5.23


Embark on a melodic journey with Community Service' NEW dance track "Mustang Jungle." Released 7.7.23 Produced by Grammy award winning Shamar Daugherty, it is beautifully translucent & dripping with opulent textures. Resonating with sumptuous vocals in a journey of delight, this is no ride into a dark foreboding jungle. It fluctuates on the edge of ecstasy & is perfect for playlists like Deep House Relax and EDM 2023. Unleash the horses & let your spirit run free. The dance floor will never be tamed.

Mustang Jungle by Community Service

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